Choosing the Right Perfume For Women

Although we hope that the above list of quality women’s fragrances will guide you in the direction of a scent that pleases you, we also know that choosing the best perfume for you isn’t always as easy as choosing one from a list. After all, every woman is different and therefore, they are going to wear the scent different from another woman. What I mean is that what’s a top-notch perfume for one woman may not be appropriate for another one. The perfume can be considered to be the paints and the woman’s body the canvas.

Keeping that in mind, we’ve created the following guidelines to help women discover the fragrance which is most suited to their body and their lifestyle. By following the tips below, women can come closer to their ideal fragrance profile and can become more confident in the knowledge that they are buying a fragrance that will truly highlight their unique characteristics.

Understanding Perfume Notes

Before you can choose your perfume, it’s important to understand the basic terms used to describe different perfume types. Notes are some of the more commonly used terms used to describe perfumes, and you’ll almost always see these terms used in perfume reviews. That’s because perfumes can be broken down into three distinct notes: Top Notes, Middle Notes, and Bottom Notes.

 Top notes are the first notes you smell when you first use your perfume, and they usually last about 15-minutes after you apply the product.

 Middle notes come into play after the top notes have faded, and they usually last only a few hours. And finally, the perfume settles into its bottom notes before fading completely away.

 Bottom notes last the longest, but that’s only as long as the overall fragrance lasts. Therefore, when buying your next perfume, it’s important to consider the base notes first.

Understanding Perfume Concentration Level

Another thing worth considering before buying perfume is the concentration of the essential oils contained in it. Different types of perfumes have different concentration levels, and that can affect how long the product lasts. For example, Eau Fraiche only has about 3% perfume oils in it, which means it lasts about an hour.

Eau de Cologne has about 4% oils in it, so it lasts about 2-hours. Eau de Toilette has the next highest concentration and lasts about 3-hours. Eau de Parfum has 20% essential oils in it, so it provides about 8-hours of scent. And finally, Parfum has about 20-30% perfume essences in it, so it can last a full 24-hours.

 Choosing Perfume According To Personality

A sure-fire way of choosing your perfume is choosing one that fits in with your specific personality. This is called finding your signature scent. If you feel like your a romantic, then you may want to try perfumes with more floral scents such as jasmine, lilac or even rose. If you feel like you’re more of a seductress, then you can try scents which lean toward the spicier end of the spectrum.

These include scents such as musk, vanilla, or cinnamon. On the other hand, if you feel like you’re a free spirit, then you may want to try scents which emphasize those energetic or bubbly qualities. Scents for energetic women include citrus-based scents such as bergamot, lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit.

 Choosing Perfume According To Season or Time of Day

You may want more perfume options available to you than just buying a perfume based on your personality. While it’s important to own a signature scent that encapsulates your personality, it’s also important to choose several perfumes that can be used for different times of the day. For example, you may want to have one perfume for daytime use and one for nighttime use. You may want to have one fragrance for cold weather and another one for warmer weather. Feel free to buy perfumes for use during a particular season, for a particular occasion or even for a particular mood.

For example, during winter months you may want to wear a spicy fragrance with notes of nutmeg, ginger or cinnamon. During the summer months, you may want to try a lighter citrus-based fragrance or one with aquatic notes in it. During the spring months, you may want to try perfumes with green or fresh notes to them. Daytime fragrances are usually light and airy, while nighttime fragrances tend to be more exotic and heavier. The point is to have options available to you no matter the season or the time of day.

 Choosing Perfume According To Skin Type

No matter what type of perfume you choose, however, it’s important to take your skin type into consideration. Take honest stock of your skin type, so you can choose the best type of perfume possible. Do you have oily skin or does your skin tend to be dry? This is an important question to ask yourself because it will determine what type of perfume is best for you.

For example, if you have oily skin, then you may want to try Eau de Toilette as your perfume type because your skin’s natural oil will hold onto the scent. On the other hand, if you have dry skin, then you may want to use a more concentrated perfume product such as Eau de Parfum. That’s because perfume tends to dissipate faster the drier your skin.

One More Tip

Before I go, I would like to give you one more tip about choosing your perfume arsenal. And this tip is that you should keep several different types of perfume on hand at all times. You’ll want to not only have your signature scent, and scents according to the time of day or the season, but you’re also going to want to have some other perfume types available as well.

Ideally, you should try to keep perfume products from each of the different fragrance types. You may want to have citrus-based perfumes which have scents such as lemon, lime, bergamot or grapefruit. You also may want to have spicy perfumes which have scents such as musk, cinnamon or amber. You also shouldn’t forget green or woodsy perfumes or perfumes which have a floral scent. That way, you can have perfume available for just about any occasion.

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